LG becomes the King by selling over 1 million Inverter air conditioners

LG becomes the King by selling over 1 million Inverter air conditioners 1
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LG becomes the King by selling over 1 million Inverter air conditioners. The company has achieved this distinction within a year of launching the product in the country. The dual Inverter air conditioner is a highly energy-efficient product designed to provide superior cooling and comfort.

LG has been at the forefront of innovation in the air conditioning industry, and the dual Inverter air conditioner is a testimony to the company’s commitment to providing the best possible products to its customers.

In 2016, Lg electronics completely turned their conventional AC line into the Inverter AC line.

According to Deepak Bansal, Home Appliances VP of LG electronics, we are committed to delivering futuristic cooling needs while reducing electricity consumption.

LG air conditioners were an instant hit among consumers, and within a year, the company had managed to increase its market share to 30%. The secret behind the success of these ACs was their energy-saving capabilities.

On average, an inverter AC consumes about 50% less electricity than a conventional AC. These modern air conditioners not only helped consumers save on their electricity bills but also reduced the strain on the power grid.

LG’s dual inverter ACs also came with a number of other features that made them stand out from the competition. For instance, they had a self-cleaning function that prevented the build-up of dust and dirt.

They also came with a smart-diagnosis feature that helped users troubleshoot any problems they might face with the AC.

With the success of its dual inverter ACs, LG has cemented its position as the market leader in the inverter AC segment. The company is now looking to further increase its market share by introducing new and innovative features to its ACs.

The air conditioner industry was stagnant for years, with little innovation or new technology. But that all changed when LG released their new inverter air conditioners. These ACs are much more efficient, using less energy and costing less to operate. LG’s bold move quickly paid off, as they now control 80% of the air conditioner market.

Also, LG’s ACs are manufactured in India, ensuring smooth supply during peak periods and rigorous quality checks. The air conditioner industry has been completely reinvented, and LG is leading the way.

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