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Best Room Heater for Large Room
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Winters can be a tough season if you don’t prepare for it. When the weather shifts from sunshine to cold breeze, it is enjoyable, but you have to protect yourself and your loved ones from catching a cold.

A room heater is a must nowadays, it’s more like a necessity and you have to choose the product according to your surroundings.

We cover Best room heater for large room in this article to clear you better picture to choose for your big room.

The size of a room heater is incorporated with the size of your room, if you have a large room, you will acquire a big room heater.

There are also different room heaters as some are suitable for larger rooms and some are not applicable.

Fan room heaters and oil-filled room heaters work efficiently in larger rooms, while radiant room heaters are less eligible.

You have to look through the features and examine the best features that would be suitable for your room.

If you have a larger room, you need a heater covering all the spaces and shelter your surroundings from the cold.

Heat coverage is one of the essential aspects, so you have to look through and choose the right fit for your home. This article will provide you with all the information you need to know.

Which heater puts out the most heat?

The heating system depends on the size of heating output, different room heaters have a variety of output and the heating element is also a dependent factor.

There are three main types of heaters used in large spacious rooms, fan heater, radiant heater and oil-filled room heater.

There are radiant room heaters that work fine but are less feasible options, as they fail to fulfill the purpose of heating a large room.

Fan room heaters are commonly used because of the variations available and the size suitable for your home. The heat generation of a fan heater is somehow different from other devices.

Fan heaters provide instant heat with the ceramic coil and induction of heat comes in the form of air that heats the entire room and keeps it warm.

There are variations of products available in fan heaters that offer coverage for large rooms.

Oil-filled room heaters are one of the most efficient types of room heaters as they are considered the safest options and give protection by securing the lack of humidity.

and the only setback is that they’re a bit clutch on your pocket. Oil-filled room heaters provide the best outcome.

What is the most efficient way to heat an entire room?

Electrical heaters are specified in heating a large room and each type of heater works differently to provide heat equally.

A fan heater works through a ceramic coil and heats an entire room in a short period, while a radiant room heater works with the heating element and infrared radiations and provides direct heating.

Oil-filled room heaters work through the oil fins and pull in the cool air while giving out the heat. Oil-filled room heaters are considered perfect for heating the entire room.

Fan heaters provide direct heat and come towards the central heating process as they cover certain areas. Oil heaters are more efficient for a safe heating environment.

All these devices use different heating methods while depending on the product and variable features on heating levels, maximum heat, safety protection, timer and so much more.

It depends on your product choice as different heaters have different ways to heat a large room.

Preventive measures are still applicable when it comes to heating a large room, no matter how the size of the room is, you have to close the open spaces and let the heater do its job.

3 Best Room Heater for large room by Appliance Galaxy

Honeywell HCE311V Digital Ceramic Compact Tower Heater

Top Pick
Honeywell HCE311V Digital Ceramic Compact Tower Heater


Honeywell is a ceramic tower heater with some exciting features and comfortable reliability.
This model, HCE311V Compact Ceramic Tower Heater, has a small size which contributes to the comforting factor.
It is suitable for bedrooms, offices, living rooms and many other spaces.
It fulfills the purpose of giving evident heat, and it is considered best for the use of a family.
This product also has two constant heat settings features and oscillation for wide area heating.
It offers you the best safety feature outlook with thermal insulation wiring, 2x overheat protection, tip-over protection and auto-switch protection.
This product gives you the benefit of both soothing warmth and eligible affordability.


Manufacturer: Kaz (Honeywell) 
Model number:‎
Heating method:
Product dimension:
8.74 x 6.69 x 12.8 inches
7.1 ounces 
Net quantity:
1.00 unit
Power source:
Corded electric 
Adjustable thermostat 
Form Factor:
1 year


  • It has 2-heat settings and 2x thermal installation. 
  • This product also has tip-over protection and auto-switch protection. 
  • It has easy portability and you can place it anywhere due to the suitable size.
  • It provides safety and essential comfort.


  • This product has a small size, and the heat outcome is extensive.
  • You have to follow the manual to avoid any mishap.

Who should consider Honeywell HCE311V Digital Ceramic Compact Tower Heater?

Honeywell is among the most reliable products due to the advanced features that contribute to safety protection.

This product has a small size that can be adjusted anywhere, so it will work wonders if you want a safe and small space product.

Warmex Home Appliances 1000/2000Watts Electric PTC Fan Heater

Warmex Home Appliances Electric PTC Fan Heater

Warmex is a PTC room heater that offers exquisite features, it comes with an attractive design that contributes to safety from overheating and an automatic switch-off that protects your environment in case of any mishap.

This device provides temperature control and there’s also a temperature fuse that goes off when the temperature reaches an efficient heat level.

This product will work efficiently with medium-sized rooms and facilitate your environment to an eligible extent.

This product also has a dual function that allows it to be superior in winters as a heater and summers as a fan for fresh cool, and that’s why it can be used for an entire year.

This fan heater is packed with other features such as a PTC heating element that ensures comfortable, fast, and energy-efficient heating.

There are also 2-heat settings that give the option to choose different heating levels from 1000W to 1200W.


Manufacturer: Warmex Home Appliances
Origin: India
model number:‎ PTC 99 N
Product dimension: 31 x 13 x 31 cm
Weight: 2.1 Kilograms
Net quantity: 1.00 unit
Color: Black 
Power source: Corded electric
Thermostat: Adjustable thermostat
Wattage: 1000W-1200W
Safety feature: Thermal fuse and oscillation for even heating
Operating modes: 3 operating modes, low, high and fan
Amazon: Available 
Warranty: 1 year


  • It is easy to use, and it has a delightful design.
  • Exciting features include 2-heat settings, power indicator, wide-angle oscillation, safety switch, and overheat protection. 
  • It is easy to carry due to its portable design.
  • This product has reliable safety features. 
  • It is practical and affordable.


  • The product should be carefully used to avoid technical issues. 
  • Heads up for the current output of the switch that could melt.

Who should consider Warmex Home Appliances Electric PTC Fan Heater?

This product is a complete pack with several features and advancements. Suppose you want a product with the necessary features, decent design, and light on the pocket.

It has two heating levels, 1000W-1200W plus, this product is a PTC fan heater which gives you faster heating and reliability.

Digital Ceramic Tower Heater

Digital Ceramic Tower Heater

Digital ceramic tower heater by Lasko is one of the most efficient products, and it has been newly introduced.

You can easily find this product on amazon and it’s available in an affordable price range.

It’s known to be a product of efficient quality with a smooth, sleek exterior and an extended outlook that makes it even more decent.

You can place this product in your surroundings and compliment your home. This product will provide essential heat even in low heat mode.

It is considered best for children and babies. It also has the feature to shut off after extensive time. It has a powerful blower, and the small size makes it easily portable.


Manufacturer: Lasko 
Heating method: Convection
Color: Multicolor 
Item model number: ‎ 5165
Product dimension: 18.5 x 20.7 x 58.4 Centimeters
Weight: 2.99 Kilograms
Batteries: 2 AAA batteries required


  • It has a straight, sleek design that makes your surroundings even more lively
  • It has a multicolor that contrasts with everything
  • It Heats the entire space even at low heat
  • It is suitable for a family with children
  • This product has good customer reviews


  • Product availability issue

Who should consider Digital Ceramic Tower Heater?

Lasko has introduced this product with great vigilance, it has a decent design and an attractive outlook.

If you have children in your home, then this product will work wonders.

One of the major pros of this product is the heat extension since it gives out eligible heat even when it is at low heat mode.

So, if you have children at home and want a product that works well and heats the entire space, it is considered the best.


When you live with your family, you have to consider your room space and a vigilant heat product. Winters can be a tough season, especially if you have sensitive children.

You need a product that can provide comfort and warmth both simultaneously. Some rooms are large spaces, and not all heaters are suitable for that space.

An extensive room heater review will give a clear vision so that you can choose the best for your home. You can now enjoy winters to the fullest while protecting your family from the cold weather. 

All these products are specially chosen for large room heater review and they all work wonders with the unique features.

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