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A water heater is a must-have appliance to give hot water on demand. Appliance Galaxy have covered all sorts of geyser to help you choose the best for your home

Best Geyser for Hard Water

Choose the Right and the Best Geyser for Hard Water Areas

Hard water is known for providing an unpleasant odor and can leave behind mineral build-up on the geyser and plumbing fixtures. The best way to combat this issue is by installing a geyser that has been designed specifically to deal with hard water. For those, looking for the best geyser Read More

Havells Geyser Review

Havells Geyser Review – An Incredibly Efficient Water Heater

Havells is a famous brand with some striking features. What makes Havells such a popular brand? Havells has been an ongoing brand, it was developed in 1958 and is almost 63 years old. They have presented a broad range of products. In this article we have covered detailed Havells Geyser Read More

Haier Geyser Review

Haier geyser review (2023) | Making your buying decision easier

Geysers are one of the essential consumer utility products that must be a part of every household. It is necessary for the winter and has different applications for every person. With the increasing trend of luxury bathrooms, modern-day geysers that serve various purposes have been part of the market. We Read More

Best Instant Water Heater in India

10 Best Instant Water Heater in India -(updated) picks

Instant Water heaters are most essential now a days, as we evolve we understand that boiling water for our use can be time consuming and tricky. Having a water heater and save a lot time and unrequited efforts. Although there is a bit difference in a normal water heater and Read More

Best Gas Geyser in India

10 Best Gas Geyser in India (2023) – Updated Picks

Gas Geysers might be the most helpful invention, they save your time and provide hot water whenever you need it. Boiling water in winters can be a hustle because you often need hot water for your daily usage. Having a Gas Geyser would make everything more feasible. You will have Read More

Best Solar Water Heater in India

7 Best Solar Water Heater in India (2023)- Full Winter Solution

Solar water heater is a beneficial device used for the purpose of heating the water through sunlight. The sunlight is captured and it works quite well, without the use of electricity. It has many advantages because of the process being economical which also saves electricity and later on produce hot Read More

Best Geyser in India

Best Geyser in India (2023) – 11 Expert review Picks

Geysers have become a necessity, having a water heater is a must, our daily lives have become quite vast. Nowadays, we cannot simply boil water whenever we acquire it. Having a geyser will put you at ease, you will be getting hot water in a short period of time. With Read More