7 Best Solar Water Heater in India (2023)- Full Winter Solution

Best Solar Water Heater in India
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Solar water heater is a beneficial device used for the purpose of heating the water through sunlight. The sunlight is captured and it works quite well, without the use of electricity.

It has many advantages because of the process being economical which also saves electricity and later on produce hot water for the entire family to use. It is not only free of electricity but avoids natural gases and fuel oil.

The usage of Best Solar water heater in India help you save money on your power bill. It can used for several things, such as taking a bath, cooking, cleaning and it’s most beneficial in winters.

Most people might refrain themselves from buying a Solar Water Heater because of how much it could cost. But if you want things for a long run then it is favourable for you to invest in something like a Solar water Heater.

Since you only invest once, it saves a lot of money you might spend later on the electricity bill.

Today, Solar Water Heaters are quite in demand due to the public use and it’s basic requirements. So, there are uncountable products introduced in the market, it might get a bit hard to decide which product is the best Solar Water Heater.

You should go through each and every feature in detail.. It is a well used technology, so the capacity of the product also matters, inside junctions also play a vital role such as the tube, tank, drain, cooper coil and other things such as where cold water comes from and so on.

So, this article is has been written for you to find out the “The best Solar Water system in India”. Furthermore, you can see the list for best Solar water heater in India.

Are You in Hurry Our Top 3 picks for you

best solar water heater

Supreme Solar 200 LPD Solar Water Heater

  • Model Supreme Solar 200 Ltr.
  • 200 LPD tank capacity.
  • Suitable for both types of water, hard water and soft water.
  • Ideal for a family, person capacity is 4 or 5.
  • Guarantee is 5 years for solar tank.
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best solar geyser in india

Mandhata Inventions 200 LPD Solar Water Heater

  • It is by Mandhata Inventions New India.
  • Tank thickness 1.6mm glass.
  • Colour is multicolour.
  • 10 years of warranty for installation.
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Racold omega 200 LPD Solar water heater

Racold omega 200 LPD Solar water heater

  • Duronox SS 304 L Tank, that enables protection from corrosion.
  • High density injection Puf.
  • Capacity of 8 outstanding bars.
  • Warranty of 5 years.
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Best Solar Water Heater in India – Buying Guide

Supreme Solar 200 LPD Water Heater

Top Pick
best solar water heater


Supreme solar water heaters are one of the most efficient technology .
Supreme is one of the most reliable brands as well because they offer a wide range of products and their speciality in solar water heaters.
It is used in home based or even on commercial levels. It is ideal for a family.
Supreme solar 200 LPD solar water heater is considered as the best solar water heater in India.
It is surely something you want to invest in, the overall structure is also smooth.
The tubes, tank, panels are carefully placed. The price of supreme solar water heater is also good if you want to invest in something that lasts for a long time.


Material – SS304 grade steel
Capacity – 200 Litres
Inner tank Coating – Glass-lined coating
Color – Multicolor
Warranty – 5 years manufacturer warranty on tank only
Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 198.12 x 182.88 x 137.16 cm
Weight – 60 Kilograms
Tank Thickness – 0.6mm
 Vacuum tubes – Highly efficient


  • Glass line coating promises a long lasting life
  • It’s also used for hard water
  • It prevents the tank from rusting
  • Good for quick heating water
  • Not occupy much space
  • Work quite well for a long time without any repairs
  • Keeps the water clean for uses, due to the coated glass
  • The installation is quite simple but a professional plumber should do it


  • Electrical backup is available, you need to pay extra charges for that

If you are discovering which is the best solar water heater in india then Supreme solar water heater fulfill all your needs.

Mandhata Inventions 200 LPD Solar water Heater

best solar geyser in india

Mandhata Invention Solar Water heater is one of the most outstanding product. The performance of this water heater is quite ideal. It saves bill like most of the solar water heaters but it also works really well without compromising on things.

It offer multicolour and the availability is also favourable. The price of this product is also well paid and it’s a worthy investment. It is mainly used for gardens and outdoor purposes.


Material – SS & GI
Capacity – 200 Litres
Color – Multicolor
Warranty – 15 years
Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 198.1 x 182.9 x 137.2 cm
Weight – 100 Kilograms
Tank Thickness – 1.6mm
Vacuum tubes – Highly efficient
Installation – Free


  • This products offers a backup coil element
  • Comes with 15 years of warranty
  • Unbreakable pipes
  • Fast heating of water
  • Perfect for home use


  • In some areas installation is customer side.

Suntek Energy Solar Water Heater

Suntek Energy Solar Water Heater

Suntek is a well-developed company that introduced its solar water heaters and it’s been in a positive count ever since. It’s considered top in quality and the performance has not been bad as well.

The technology has battery backups that ensure functioning during the night. They offer the latest technology and you get what you pay for. Their service has also been proven good.


Material – Metal
Capacity – 100 Litres
Color – Multicolor
Warranty – NA
Vacuum tubes – Efficient
Energy saving – saves 1500 units of electricity annually


  • It can replace an electric geyser for residential use.
  • It prevents 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide per year.
  • Lighter and smaller in weight.
  • More convenient for a small family.


  • Installation is customer side.
  • Warranty is NA.

Solarizer Value Solar Water Heater

Solarizer Value Solar Water Heater

The Solarizer Value Solar Water Heater is a product that apprehends long-lasting hot water. This product has reasonable price affordability while ensures everything that a good solar water heater requires.

It would be a quick decision to choose the solarizer value solar water heater.


Material – Stainless Steel
Capacity – 100 Litres
Inner tank Coating –  Glass enamel
Color – Grey & Blue
Water type – Can be used for Soft water
Size Measurement Required (North to South and East to West): NS:2200mm X EW:1040mm
Vacuum tubes – Flat Plate Collector with Copper Tubes
Heating – laser welding technology that transfers heat quickly


  • Installation by company.
  • The tank and collector have promising quality.
  • It has an electric backup heater-2Kw backup heater/220V.
  • Style is fine.


  • Warranty is NA.

Racold Omega Max 8 200 Lpd Domestic Water Heater

Racold omega 200 LPD Solar water heater

Racold Omega Max 8, is one of the technologies that offer efficient invention with updated features. It is not new in the market but it’s pretty efficient in use.

The features make it worthwhile, with a special air release valve that includes a vacuum release function. These features help in the release of air that also proves favorable in avoiding vacuum build-up.

The water tank is also an essential component and the whole process protects the life of the water tank. The model number is Omega Max 8, Racold manufactures it. It is a product you would want in your home.


Material – SS 304
Capacity – 200 Litres
Weight – 40 Kg
Pressure Withstand – Up To 8 Bar makes It Suitable For Pressurized Applications
Color – Black
Water type – Can be used for Hard water
Insulation Type – High-Density Injected Puf Insulation provides Excellent heat retention
Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 2428 x 2391 x 1633 cm
Warranty – Comes with 5 years for an inner container and collector


  •  It is proven suitable for pressurized Applications.
  • Comes with drainage function, anti-vacuum.
  • It is twice as effective than other insulation material.
  • It also has a best seller rank.
  • Protects against corrosion.
  • Its multi-function safety valve makes the solar water heater safe with pressure relief.


  • Expensive product

Thermica solar water Heater 150 LPD

Thermica Solar Water Heater, 150 LPD

Thermica solar water heater is also a good option that has adequate abilities as a solar water heater. The brand name is Generic, and they have developed this in the material of copper.

It is proven best for home and kitchen. This solar water heater is available in a different material but the most used one is the copper one.

The price of this solar water heater is quite eligible as well. Thermica India Pvt. Ltd officially owns this.


Material – Stainless steel
Capacity – 150 Litres
Inner Tank – Insulated tank
Electricity Consumption – 9 kwh in a single day
Color – Black
Water type – Can be used for Hard water
Tube – Insulated tube


  • This solar water Heater makes incredible energy.
  • The potency of making 80-90 units of energy from 100 units of solar energy.
  • Saves 2700 Rs of monthly and 32400 Rs of annual electricity bills.
  • Made of finest SS sheets.


  • It is available only in Bangalore and Tumkur.

V- GUARD Win Series 100 LPD Solar Water Heater

V-Guard Win Hot Series Solar Water Heater

The V-GUARD Win Series was considered a popular product. It has all the basics of a solar water heater needs. This product is primarily used at homes as its efficiency is good but not vast enough for commercial scale.

It is also considered co-friendly. It is also considered best for hard water.


Material – Glass
Capacity – 100 Litres
Inner Tank – Food Grade SS304L with Aluminium Stucco cladding
Insulation Type – High quality Puf insulation
Color – Multicolor
Warranty – 60 months
Water type – Can be used for Hard water and Soft water
Tube – Evacuated Glass tubes
This comes in two series, the Win Hot Plus and Hot Plus H series.


  • It is also proven beneficial for the minimization of heat loss.
  • The food-grade tanks help in keeping the water free from smell.
  • It is light weight and compact size.
  • Easy to install and transport.
  • Win Hot Plus model is ideal for soft water, while the Hot Plus H is good for hard water.


  • Installation and transportation charges additional.
  • It is not highly beneficial if it needs to get repaired.

Important Factors to Look Forward Before Buying a Solar Water Heater

The Source of Water

Mainly you would have to examine the place where you live to get a better idea of water source. It’s one of the most crucial things to consider. So, firstly you need to discover if it is hard water or soft water, then you decide which is the best solar water heater for hard water.

There are two kinds of heating system: direct heating system and indirect heating system and because of these heating systems, we get to know which one suits the water type better.

There are hard water and soft water, the direct water heating system suits the soft water while the indirect heating system is more preferable for hard water. In a direct water heating system, the process of heating water is different from an indirect heating system.

The sun’s rays are absorbed by the solar water heater, and the water is heated immediately. While the indirect heating system contains a fluid that is later on heated by the panel and heats the water used in the house.

Check out our article on how to select the best geyser for your home.

Functionality and Types

The overall functionality of a solar water heater is one of the essential components because it all relies on basic functionality. The solar collector has two different types, one is Flat Plate Collectors (FPC) and the other one is Evacuated Tubes Collectors (ETC).

The ETCS is made of two layers of transparent glass tubes, while the FPCS are metals like copper or aluminum.

Both of these water containers have their benefits and other working applicability. The FPCS are more suited for places with a warm environment because these types of Heaters have higher conductivity and reflectivity.

For this very reason, heat retainers used to low temperatures are not suitable for temperate regions. It’s easier for us to clean and do the overall service of FPCS because they’re strong and long-lasting.

On the other hand, ETCS are lighter than FPCS, these water heaters have high heating duration capacity. The ETCS are also suitable for both temperatures, the warm temperature, same as the temperature in the tropical areas and even temperate regions.

They’re made of transparent glass and are quite delicate. As a result, they must be treated with care and caution.

Size and Capacity

Size and capacity depend the most because you sort out where you would keep a solar water heater before buying it. It is quite equivalent to choose a solar water heater with a suitable size.

The best solar water heater system in India is selected with the count of family members. If we take out the overall LPD known as litre per day, if we see a person uses almost 30 litre a day, that person has the available water capacity of 30 litre.

If you want a solar heater that should cover up the water capacity of 3 people then 100 LPD would be perfect for a small family. If you have a small home space, then 200 or 150 LPD might do the job for you because it would be more than enough.

But if you have a family with several members, you might want to switch up the LTD. There are several solar water heaters in the commercial or industrial markets, from 500 LPD to 5000 LPD.

But the best solar water heater in India ranges between 100 LPD To 500 LPD.

Type of tank

Choosing the tank for your solar water heater is one of the important steps as well, as it should be durable, runner up, withstand heat, adequate capacity, eligible storage and so on.

The main purpose of the tank is to provide storage. If a tank is made well, with convenient space and thick walls, it can probably stand the heat for almost 60 hours. The tank should also be sustainable and made of a food safety grade material, protecting the water from releasing any unpleasant smell.

It should also be free from rust, and the pipes should be changed after some time before it rots.

You should also be well aware of the materials used in the tank to save it from corrosion. In most cases, tanks do have enamel coatings, which also help in the prevention of corrosion.

Water Pressure System

Before looking into the water pressure, have a look at your home. It is essential to examine the water flow and pressure in the house.

When we’re aware that the solar water heater will not get damaged if the water pressure at our home is normal. But if water’s force is at a higher rate than usual, it might damage the product.

You also have to know the types of pressure systems, as there are two types of the pressure system. The pressurized and the non-pressurized, in both these types having equilibrium, is outmost important because of the supply line in the solar water heater.

So, the right choice would be to get a Solar water heater that withstands a higher degree of water pressure. The water heater that can withstand the pressure of 8-10 Kpa is supreme and they’re a lot of solar water heater that have the potency.

They must also have other features, like heat exchange technology and the mechanism for fast heat recovery. These are some must-have, due to any situation that arises.

Climate and Geographical Location

If you live in a location with sunlight, then buying a solar water heater is beneficial for you, but if you live in an environment that doesn’t offer any sunlight, it could be the opposite.

As we know, the solar water heater requires sunlight, the heat that comes from the sun is the main component. So, before you a solar water heater, don’t forget to understand the climate and the general location.

The time from morning till noon is the best time to get sunlight; you can approximate the time from 10 am to 4-5 pm.

Plumbing Work

It is most necessary to get the plumbing done professionally so your solar water heater is safe. If somehow there’s something wrong with the installation, it might damage the device completely.

Many plumbers are not aware of the installation system and the involvement two-pipping mechanism. You might know that two pipes separate the hot and the cold water and this very mechanism is known as the two-piping mechanism.

The two-piping mechanism is mostly used in the bathroom and kitchen. There is a tube that ensures the water to be heated quickly and it is economical.

Service Life

The service life of a solar water heater ensures that you have invested in something valuable. It is vital to know that a solar water heater has a service life and whether the brand contributes after-sale service.

And you also have to know about the warranty offer, if it lasts long or not. Some of the best solar water heater sellers make sure that they give you a warranty of 5 years.

A solar water heater can last for 15 years if you have maintained it well along the time. Before buying a solar water heater, look at the description and the other information that comes with it.

Temperature Regulation

The solar water heater you want to buy should have the feature of an inbuilt thermostat. The inbuilt thermostat should have sufficient capacity to manage the temperature well and keep it between 60-70 degrees Celsius.

This is to avoid the water getting so overheated that it might damage the skin or worst case scenario it might destroy tissue and cells. These are just some preventive measures that should consider with priority.


Maintenance is the key to a long-lasting and well-operated solar water heater. It would be best if you kept everything that is connected to the solar water heater maintained. Keep track of the pipes, tank, panels etc.

You also keep the water in check if the flow is well required. The process of cold water turning hot should also be examined, whether the water is clean or not.

Look through the panels, and consider if they’re rust-free, the water can make the panels rusty. Also keep the wires in check, make sure there’re no loose connections. The basic period of maintenance is almost 2-5 years.


A solar water heater is an excellent investment. Although before buying, you should always check a few things. The LPD is one of those things, it is responsible for the water handling and heating it up.

The ideal LPD(litre per day) can be chosen by checking the number of people that are in your family.

If a family is small, they’re good with even a solar water heater capacity for 4 persons that covers 150 LPD.

One more thing that is important to see-through is the area where you live, and your home. If your house has enough space or find a space that covers it.

The compatibility of price is also necessary, always look through the price of other water heaters to be aware of the different products.

The ideal product would have a quality worth buying and you would know that easily with the features. Always keep in check with the inner tank and tube and if the water is clean enough.

A solar water heater is always beneficial if the area you live in is adequate for its use. If you want this product in commercial use always look through the pros and cons.

It’s remarkable to see the work done by this technology, how we acquire water and sunlight, the way the heating works is quick and simple.

However, our basic purpose with this article was to promote and state the benefits and even a few cons indulged for best solar heater in india.

We have mentioned all the information you acquire while giving out details on the Best Solar Water Heaters in India, because you should have the best and top solar water heater for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal Capacity of Solar Water Heater?

The capacity of a solar water heater depends on the product, some products are exceeded than the others. But to get sure there’s a thumb rule used for deciding the capacity, a person needs 30-50 litres of water. A basic chart is given for a better understanding.
100 LPD 2 to 3 persons
150 LPD 3 to 4 persons
200 LPD 4 to 5 persons
250 LPD 5 to 6 persons
300 LPD 6 to 8 persons
500 LPD 10 to 14 people

How long does a Solar Water Heater last?

Some features are advanced and that enables them to last even longer than usual. But before having a solar water heater, looking through the factors is also important.
Maintenance is also one of the important things to be focussed on.
Generally, a solar water heater last for almost 15-20 years. The solar water heater that has a glass-lined coated tank is more efficient to last long, with nearly the life span of 25 years.

How much energy/electricity does a Solar Water Heater saves?

Having a solar water heater is a smart investment to save not only electricity and energy but also the cost of your bill. An average solar water heater with a capacity of 150 LPD used for a household of 3-4 people saves 1500 units of energy.

Does the Solar Water Heater work on cloudy days?

A solar system needs sunlight to save energy for later on use. If the cloudy day is just for one day, you’re good to go since it stores the power used until the other day.
But without the sun, it cannot save energy, so you should use the auxiliary backup on cloudy or rainy days.

Does the Solar Water Heater work in winters?

If the solar device is getting sunlight even in the winters, it will work. But it also depends on the product if it has good insulation to keep it smooth even in winters. A good quality tank is also in the requirement for better use.

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