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Looking for a new room heater? Appliance Galaxy has a great selection of room hea ters so you can find the perfect one from wide variety of models to choose from, we have the perfect heater for your needs.

Best Gas Room Heater

Best Gas Room Heater (2023) Winter Picks

Winter comes with its pleasure and some setbacks. You should enjoy the season to the fullest but with some preventive measures to keep you safe and healthy. Heaters are essential nowadays, and you have to protect yourself and your family from the cold days. We want our loved ones to Read More

Best Room Heater under 500-1000

Best Room Heater under 500-1000 | On-demand Review

Entering the market with a low budget doesn’t mean compromising with your needs. Various brands have many room heaters available in the market, and all these options create a state of confusion in the buyer’s mind that might affect their purchase. However, we’re here to help you in finding the Read More

Best Room Heater for Large Room

Best Room Heater for Large Room (2023) | Top Picks

Winters can be a tough season if you don’t prepare for it. When the weather shifts from sunshine to cold breeze, it is enjoyable, but you have to protect yourself and your loved ones from catching a cold. A room heater is a must nowadays, it’s more like a necessity Read More

Best Room Heater under 2000

Best Room Heater Under 2000 (2023) | Let’s Find

The temperature goes below 10⁰ C in most parts of India during winter. Like hot summer afternoons, the chilling winter evenings may badly affect your mood. In such a scenario, you need to search for a device that keeps your room and office warm all day. A wide range of Read More

Orpat Room Heater Review

Orpat Room Heater Review (2023) – Easy Ways It gives You A Warm Home

Orpat is a well-established company that came and made its name in the appliance industry. It is an Indian brand, and it develops all sorts of electrical appliances. Orpat is popular when it comes to home appliances and they have developed a vast range of products. This brand is based Read More

Halogen vs Quartz Room Heater

Halogen vs Quartz Room Heater (2023) – Reviews and Unbiased Comparison

The beauty of winter with purity and freshness in the air is unmatchable. We are already in the middle of winter, where you should start thinking about remaining warm. Spending the chilled winter mornings and evenings in a warm room is all that one should look forward to. Owning a Read More

Room Heater Vs Blower

Room Heater vs Blower (2023) | Things to consider while choosing

Winters can be pleasant and crucial, depending on how you pursue them. Nowadays, you cannot survive winters without a room heater or blower, depending on whatever you prefer. You should know how room heater vs blower work, which is more suitable for you before purchasing. Also Room heater or blower Read More

Morphy Richards Room Heater Review

Morphy Richards Room Heater Review | 2 Exclusive Picks

Are you looking to buy a room heater to keep you warm during cold conditions? Go ahead, the online market is flooded with excellent room heaters with even heating, minimal maintenance, and durability. But isn’t it challenging enough to search for an ideal room heater that even fits in your Read More