Halogen vs Quartz Room Heater (2024) – Reviews and Unbiased Comparison

Halogen vs Quartz Room Heater
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The beauty of winter with purity and freshness in the air is unmatchable. We are already in the middle of winter, where you should start thinking about remaining warm.

Spending the chilled winter mornings and evenings in a warm room is all that one should look forward to. Owning a room heater is the most appropriate way to stay warm and comfortable. 

You will find different room heaters available in the market, and however, picking up the correct type of room heater will be a worthy purchase. This article will provide a detailed comparison guide on Halogen vs Quartz Room Heaters.

Know About Halogen Room Heaters:

The concept of a halogen room heater is the same as a halogen lamp, and a halogen infrared heater is the one that uses a halogen element inside its heating bulb.

One of the biggest misconceptions about halogen heaters is that they don’t include halogen as a heating element. However, halogen is a key part of halogen bulbs but not the only heat source. 

They deliver a prominent element temperature and work similarly to a campfire. Hence, Halogen room heaters are suitable for small rooms.

A halogen heater has a good lifespan and the heat generated is direct and quite good.

Know About Quartz Room Heaters:

Quartz heater is another popular name that uses infrared technology, commonly known as short-wave infrared heating.

As the name suggests, a quartz heater uses light tubes filled with Quartz arranged parallel to each other. These heaters are helpful when you require a rapid heat response.

A quartz heater works between the temperature ranging from 450⁰ to 750⁰ Celsius.

Hence, it’s ideal for various applications, including plastic thermoforming and indoor and outdoor heating.

Maharaja Whiteline Lava Neo 1200-Watt Halogen Heater

Maharaja Whiteline Lava Neo 1200-Watt Halogen Heater

Maharaja Whiteline is a popular range of room heaters that settle down all your winter needs.

Maharaja Whiteline Lava Neo features a cool touch body and excellent design that adds a spark to your room’s interior.

It includes all essential safety mechanisms, key functionalities, and convenient features required for a top-notch room heater.

  • Three different heat settings: 400 W, 800 W and 1200 W
  • Rotates up to 180⁰ to heat all-around
  • Silent operation with no noise
  • Tip-over Switch feature ensures safety
  • Shockproof insulated body

Key Specifications

Model – Maharaja Whiteline Lava Neo
Heating Method – Radiant
Color Variants – White and Red
Maximum Power Consumption – 1200 Watts (3 halogen tubes)
Warranty – 2 years
Item’s Weight – 3.17 kgs
Item’s Dimension – 90 x 40 x 40 cm
Inside the box – 1 N main unit, 1 N instruction manual, and 1 N guarantee card


  • It makes no compromise with user’s safety
  • Ideal for rooms up to 150 sq. feet
  • 180⁰ rotation allows even spreading of the heat all around
  • It offers three different heat settings with three halogen rods.
  • The elegant design doesn’t spoil the view of your room


  • Available in only one color option.
  • Stability might be an issue in some cases

Havells Cozio 800 Watt Quartz Room Heater

Havells Co zio Quartz Room Heater

Havells, the brand, is not dependent on any introduction. For many years, they’ve been manufacturing top-class appliances across India.

Havells Cozio is one of the most popular heat convectors that requires low power requirements, making it an affordable option for buyers.

Another highlighting feature about Havells Cozio is its lightweight and compact design, an essential factor to consider while buying a room heater.

  • Two different heat settings: 400 W and 800 W
  • Stainless steel rustproof Reflector
  • Carrying handle makes portability easy.
  • Safety grill at the front end
  • Safety tip-over switch

Key Specifications

Model – Havells Cozio Quartz
Heating Method – Convection
Color Variants – White and Blue
Maximum Power Consumption – 800 Watts (2 quartz heating tubes)
Warranty – 2 years
Item’s Weight – 2 kgs
Item’s Dimension – 35.5 x 20 x 45.5 cm
Inside the box – 1 N main unit, and 1 N instruction manual


  • Easy to carry using the built-in handle
  • It offers two heat settings: 400 watts and 800 watts
  • Features a front grill to keep your pets safe
  • It comes with two years of product warranty
  • Easy to use knob control mechanism


  • An ideal pick only for small and medium-sized rooms.
  • Available in only one color variant

Halogen vs Quartz Room Heater: How they work

Halogen Heaters: A group of elements, including fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, and astatine, forms halogen. These highly reactive elements involve seven electrons in the outermost shell. 

A halogen room heater uses halogen gases that improve the brightness and lifespan of light bulbs. Consequently, it prevents the bulb from blackening like a conventional light bulb.

They also utilize mini internal blowers whose job is to push the heat out and warm up the room conveniently. Hope this makes clear about how halogen heater works.

Quartz Heaters: Quartz heater is a popular type of infrared room heater, which is eco-friendly, efficient, and possesses a longer lifespan.

Any object with a temperature releases infrared radiation that goes straight through the atmosphere. When solid objects absorb this radiation, they generate heat on the surface of objects.

It uses a practical heating element enclosed within a quartz cylinder. This cylinder does not allow escaping of the convection heat from the element so that infrared light passes through it.

In this way, the object in contact gets heated directly.

Difference between Halogen vs Quartz room heater

Energy Consumption:

The power consumption of any appliance is determined by the amount of wattage it consumes. Both halogen heater vs quartz heater consume almost similar amounts of energy.

A halogen heater usually consumes 400 W to 1500 W of energy, whereas a quartz heater consumes 400 W to 1200 W of power.

Additionally, the number of power modes also determines the appliance’s electricity consumption.

Heating Speed:

How fast the heater can heat the room is determined by heating speed. Halogen heater wins the race as halogen heating lamps can operate up to a temperature of 2,700 C.

On the other hand, a quartz heater is relatively slower and works between the heating range of 500 C – 1,500 C.

Halogen heaters heat up instantly, but it loses heat spontaneously as soon as you turn off the heater.


Every buyer aims to purchase an appliance that lasts for many seasons. In the long run, halogen room heaters are slightly better than quartz room heaters.

The halogen tubes equipped works on an improved technology that makes halogen heaters effective in the long run.

If it releases the tungsten from the filament, the halogen redeposits the tungsten. Quartz tubes have a shorter lifespan since no halogen gas is involved.


Various factors decide the last market price of a room heater. A halogen room heater is comparatively costly than a quartz room heater,

and the average price of a halogen heater is around INR 2,500, whereas that of a quartz heater is about INR 1,500. Conclusively, a quartz room heater will be an affordable option for buyers.

Benefits of Halogen vs Quartz Room Heater

  • Halogen and Quartz Heaters both support instantaneous heat.
  • Both of them work silently without making loud noises.
  • Halogen and Quartz Heaters are easy to move from one room to another.
  • Both of them are suitable for home and office usage.
  • Both of them feature all the necessary safety features.


The best way to knockout the extremely cold winter evenings is by purchasing a room heater. This article introduced a detailed guide on ‘Halogen vs Quartz Room Heater’, two very popular types of heaters.

Conclusively, if you have a limited budget of around 1,500 INR, buying a quartz room heater will be an intelligent decision.

On the other hand, if you can extend your budget slightly up to 2,500 INR, then a halogen heater will offer more productivity and effectiveness.

Later on, we introduced a comprehensive review of Maharaja Whiteline Lava Neo 1200 Watt, the halogen heater review and Havells Cozio Quartz 800 Watt room heaters, quartz heater review.

If you’re looking to buy a quartz vs halogen heater, the above heating products are the best choices. That’s all about Halogen vs Quartz heater.

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