Havells Room Heater Review (2023) – Is It Worth Buying?

Havells Room Heater Review
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Winters are knocking on the doors and it’s the right time to enjoy a cup of tea inside a warm room. You’ll need a heating system that’s cost-effective, convenient, and simple to use in order to enjoy a comfortable room heating experience.

We will discuss Havells room heater review so it will easier to choose which Havells room heater best suits in your winter needs.

Havells oil Room Heater is one such effective electrical appliance that prevents users from shivering on a frosty night.

Havells OFR 11Fin PTC Room Heater with fan
1Our Pick
Havells OFR – 11Fin 2900-Watt PTC Fan Heater (Black)
  • No Depletion of Oxygen, Baby Safe
  • 3 Power Settings (1000, 1500, 2500 Watts)
  • Overheat Protection
  • Quick Heating with PTC Fan

Havells India Ltd. is one of the leading and most popular electronic product brands with various centres across the globe.

Today, they own around 39 representative offices in over 50 countries across the world. ‘Havells Galaxy’, an exclusive electronic showroom across India, helps customers in bringing the best decent product at their homes.

Beginning in 1958, Qimat Rai Gupta’s Havells started its journey with a scanty amount of 10,000 INR, which is now a 17,000 crores Fast Moving Electrical Goods company.

Headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, Havells is presently working in over 60 countries with 13 manufacturing plants and 14,000+ dealer network.

The most promising point about Havells is that they provide the same quality appliances across the world’s market.

In this article, we’re going to introduce a detailed Havells Room Heater review to help you with your research.

Key Features of Havells Room Heater Review:

Multiple Temperature Settings

We don’t recommend buying a room heater that offers only one heat setting. Temperature during winter goes up & down; hence, your room heater should be versatile enough to offer multiple temperature settings.

It allows you to select the temperature for your room.

Auto Thermal Cut-off Feature

It’s one of the most essential features for everyone’s safety. Faster heating is good but safety is the top-most priority.

Havells Room Heaters arrive with the overheat protection system, which automatically turns off the appliance once the job is done. You don’t need to worry about overheating if you don’t skip this feature.

The overheat protection feature prevents the appliance from getting damaged.


Users must not suffer while moving the room heater from one room to another. You should look for a room heater which offers higher mobility.

Thankfully, portability is not a concern with Havells room heaters. Havells OFR models have built-in castor wheels, plus the lightweight design of other models makes it easy to carry from one spot to another.

Safety Features

An electric appliance which is not safe is of no use. Havells is a trustworthy name in the electronic industry, which is known for manufacturing top-quality and safe appliances.

Their room heaters feature an added safety grill that prevents your kids and pets from getting in contact with the heating element.

Excellent Design

All products by Havells deliver a perfect combination of style and utility. Not only do they appear stylish, but also get the job done effectively.

Havells room heaters feature excellent design with durable construction that lasts long for various winters. They are available in multiple color options that go well with your room decor.

Top Pick
Havells OFR 11Fin PTC Room Heater with fan

Havells Oil Filled Room Heater review


Oil Filled room heaters are always a good option for rooms of any size.
They maintain a stable room temperature for a long time.
Havells OFR-9Fin is a convection heating device loaded with some awesome features listed below.
It comes with three Heat Settings.
PTC Heater with Fan.
Have Four Caster Wheels.
Tilt Switch Mechanism.
Separate space for cord storage.

Key Specifications

Model: Havells OFR-9Fin 2400-Watt PTC Fan Heater
Oil Filled
Color Options:
Black color, and White color
Maximum Power Consumption: 2400-watts
Item’s Weight:
14.4 Kgs
Item’s Dimension:
62.5 x 16.1 x 68.8 cm
In the box:
1 N main unit, 1 N instruction manual, 1 N set of wheels, 1 N Pair U ring with nut


  • It comes with caster wheels for easy mobility
  • Built-in thermostat works really well
  • Dual technology: PTC Heater and OFR
  • Offers Safety with overheating protection
  • PTC heater supports air delivery for faster heating
  • This is best for baby.


  • OFR room heaters are a bit costly products
  • Wheel stand is made of plastic material

Check out our detailed review about oil filled room heater.

Havells Cista Room Heater Review

Havells Cista Room Heater

Havells Cista is a high-quality room heater that is going to warm your room in cold conditions.

Thanks to its heat proof body, which keeps the appliance cool all-time while heating. It prevents damages caused by accidental burns. A lot more is offered by Havells Cista, which is mentioned below.

Check out our article on which is better Room heater or Blower.

  • Two Heat Settings: 1000W and 2000W
  • Adjustable Heat Control Knob
  • Inbuilt fan to cool down the appliance
  • Adjustable Smart Stand
  • Heating Element

Key Specification

Model: Havells Cista Room Heater
Color Options:
Maximum Power Consumption:
2000 Watts
One-year product warranty
Item’s Weight:
3.5 Kgs
Item’s Dimension:
‎31 x 34 x 20 cm
In the box:
1 N main unit, 1 N instruction manual


  • A value for money room heater
  • Comes with a carrying handle for better portability
  • Overheating protection makes it a safe product
  • Offers two different heat settings
  • Adjustable thermostat knob to change heat settings


  • Doesn’t feature any touch sensor
  • Emits a strong odour when it’s working
  • Not for Baby Safe

Havells Cozio Quartz Room Heater Review

Havells Co zio Quartz Room Heater

Havells Cozio is one of the most popular room heaters out there in the market. Made from top-quality materials, Cozio is a highly durable electronic appliance that stays with you for years.

Even though durable, it’s a compact and lightweight appliance that can be taken anywhere in your house. It’s a great option for people looking to buy a cost-effective heating appliance.

Look at some of its interesting features next.

  • Dual Heat Settings: 400W and 800W
  • Rustproof, Stainless steel Reflector
  • Fitted With a Safety Tip-over Switch
  • Double Quartz Heating Tubes
  • Extra Safety With Front Grill

Key Specification

Model: Havells Cozio Quartz
Quartz heaters
Color Options:
White and blue color
Maximum Power Consumption:
800 Watts
Two-year warranty
Item’s Weight:
2 Kgs
Item’s Dimension:
35.5 x 20 x 45.5 cm
In the box:
1 N Main unit, 1 N instructions manual


  • Quartz heaters are cheaper in price 
  • Easy to move using the carrying handle
  • 800 watts power consumption saves money on electricity bills
  • Doesn’t include any fan so works silently
  • Easy to install and use


  • Not recommended for large-sized rooms
  • Knob control might turn hot after long usage
  • Not for Baby Safe

What we liked about Havells Room Heaters

  • Excellent customer service and support
  • Made with high-quality components
  • Different types of room heaters are available
  • Offers different heat settings
  • Built with great safety features

What we don’t liked about Havells Room Heaters

  • Price vary from one seller to another
  • Cista and Cozio models available in only one color option


After reading Havells Room Heater Review, you must be in a comfortable position to grab the most ideal model for your room.

We tried to include every necessary feature for the mentioned products in the article above. Whenever you’re going to buy a new appliance, you should know what suits you and what not.

After all, your final decision is based on your choices and tastes. 

Havells OFR-9Fin, Havells Cista, and Havells Cozio, all these electronic products differ from each other. One is affordable, while the other one offers more features and convenience.

Therefore, you must note down your requirements before pressing the “buy now” button. We’ll keep on working sincerely to give a satisfactory answer.

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