Choose the right Room Heater for your home this Winter

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Which room heater should you invest in winter? But you will need a good room heater to fight this infamous winter season in India.

Well, we will help you so how will you choose one, there are generally three types of room heaters available in the market infrared, fan and oil-based room heaters.

How to Choose the Right Room Heater

Infrared Room Heaters

We will start this discussion with infrared room heaters, these room heaters are also known as halogen or radiant room heaters.

In the market these come equipped with two to three infrared lamps which use electricity to warm up and in turn, warm the environment around them these are also the most affordable ones in the market, as the power consumption is low.

They are easily available starting prices of rupees 500 in the market you can buy these in 400w, 800w and 1500 watt options.

However please play careful attention while operating these if you have small children in your family infrared heaters emit light which some of you might find disturbing at night.

Fan Base Room Heaters

Now let’s switch to fan base room heaters, these are also known as ceramic based or coil base room heaters, in the market coils present in these use electricity to warm up and then the fans attached transfer the heat in form of air.

Fan heaters are the fastest among three categories these are normally available in 1000 to 2000 watt electricity consumption models in the market. Prices for these normally start from rupees 1000.

It produces some noise because of the fans equipped in them might cause disturbances while sleeping in the night you can also buy these in wall mount installation options.

Oil-based Room Heaters

Now let’s have a look at the oil-based room heaters. These are named oil heaters because they use oil to warm the environment around them. Oil is filled in fins that warm up as the oil warms; you can buy these in seven, nine, eleven, and thirteen fin options from the market.

However, these are also the most expensive among the lot the market prices generally start from rupees 6000.

Choosing Room Heaters under the Room Sizes

Choosing the right room heaters under the room sizes- falling into the 150 square feet below dimensions.
We recommend room heaters in the 800 to 1200-watt infrared or fan base rooms. Suggestions are a few that you should keep a bucket filled with water in your room if you are using infrared or fan-based room heaters.

This is because these heaters might decrease oxygen and humidity levels in the air.
For room sizes falling in the 200 to 250 square feet dimensions, we recommend you invest in a fan base room heater with two coils.

These are normally available in 2,000-watt options.

If your budget is good, you can also go for an oil-based room heater. We recommend considering nine, 11, or 13 fins-equipped oil heaters for room sizes of these dimensions.

In the end, whichever of these you choose, ensure the model is equipped with a thermostat so that you can easily set the temperature at definite levels. Happy winters to you.

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