Havells Geyser Review – An Incredibly Efficient Water Heater

Havells Geyser Review
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Havells is a famous brand with some striking features. What makes Havells such a popular brand? Havells has been an ongoing brand, it was developed in 1958 and is almost 63 years old.

They have presented a broad range of products. In this article we have covered detailed Havells Geyser Review so to help in your buying decision and find the best one for your home.

Havells research and development headquarter is based in Noida, India. Havells has a turnover of over 10 thousand crores, and it has sub-brands such as Crabtree, Prompt Tec, and Standard electric; and it acquired Lloyd in 2017.

Lloyd deals with appliances like washing machines, television, refrigerator and many more things. Havells manufactures not only home appliances but also industrial products.

Havells has almost 13 art manufacturing units in Faridabad, Neemrana, Alwar, Ghaziabad, etc.

This article will help you to clear all your doubts regarding Havells geyser review. We will update you with all the models and their features. You should choose the best water heater for your home.

Havells have a wide variety of water heaters, which are further divided into several models; each model has different characteristics. However, the Havells water heater has impressive features you would not wish to miss.

A Modern and Reliable Geyser by Havells

Main Features of Havells Geysers

Havells offers some fantastic features that would make your experience beneficial.

  • It is an innovative brand based in India.
  • Havells geysers hold a higher rank in durability.
  • Their geysers are 5-star rating as per BEE standard.
  • It offers Feroglass technology.
  • This product has a digital temperature display.
  • It has a color-changing LED, which shows what temperature is in the water.
  • The heating element is Incoloy.
  • These geysers come with elegant designs and beautiful colors.
  • They will make your surroundings look more lively.
  • Havells is an efficient brand known for home appliances, so the geysers are well made with general home preferences.
  • These geysers offer different capacity ranges.
  • Their products are easy to use because easy instructions are given.
  • Havells gives you a package with a water heater, manual, and some required accessories.
  • Most Havells geysers have a remote control, and you can control the geyser with the remote.
  • They have good durability.
  • The warranty they offer is 2 years of comprehensive warranty.
  • They provide extra warranty duration on their tanks(7 years) and heating element(4 years ).
  • These geysers come at an affordable price range.

Havells Adonia R

Havells has introduced many different models, and all these items have distinctive qualities. Whenever you wake up and go somewhere, you want to be fresh, so a bath is necessary. Don’t worry, because Havells has introduced their model Adonia R, which gives you hot water in a short period.

Havells is one most efficient electric water heater appliances. Havells provide all the features you want in a water heater, and Havells Adonia R will be easy on your pocket. This product will save your energy and is designed to provide hot water quickly.

This water heater model is designed elegantly. Start your day with Havells Adonia R, which comes with Pentashield technology. Havells offers you high safety and utility.

The availability of these water heaters comes in different colors. Havells is known to be one of the most trustable brands. Wintertime is quite difficult if you don’t own a water heater, and it becomes necessary to have a water heater.

But don’t worry, we have got you covered with Havells Adonia R. It will fulfill all your requirements and provide hot water in a short period.

Havells offers different capacity ranges in their Adonia R series, Havells Adonia R 10 L Water Heater (White), Havells Adonia R 15 L, and Havells Adonia R 25L.

Features of Havells Adonia R

Manufacture: Havells India Limited
Colour: White
Style: Adonia R
Power source: Corded Electric
Type: Remote-controlled storage for temperature control settings
Wattage: 2000W
Pressure bars: 8
Bee rating: 5
Technology: Feroglass technology with single weld design
Indicator: LED color changing
Heating element: Incoloy glass
Suitable: High-rise building
Resistance: Resistance from corrosion and hard water
Tank: Anode and stainless steel
Origin: India
Safety system: Shock-safe plug
Insulation: Puff insulation
Package: Storage water heater, manual, multi-function safety valve, 2 N fasteners, and 2 N safety pipes
Installation: Free
Warranty: 2 years


  • The design of this product is made up of thick superior steel.
  • It provides resistance to oxidation and carbonization in a high-temperature setting and provides resistance to corrosion.
  • The tank is protected from corrosive elements.
  • This product is waterproof with IPX-4 protection.
  • It is simple to use, and you can control the temperature efficiently.
  • It provides a seven-year warranty on the tank and four years warranty on the heating element.
  • Free installation is provided with this model.


  • You might face some issues with the accessories.


Havells is a trusted brand that has evolved all over the world. This company has developed in almost 50 Countries, with 23 representative branch offices.

Havells has created many products, including fans, geysers, induction motors, and wiring accessories. Havells is not a newly emerged brand; it has the practical experience and is also considered superior.

The best thing about Havells products is that they have more advantages than disadvantages.

These products are created using the latest technology and extra care.

They consume eligible energy, so your general bill will be light on your pocket. These products are made with a safety system because customer safety is essential.

Havells offers a waterproof design in their water heaters, and you can easily install it in your bathrooms. Havells water heaters are made in a way that anybody can use them.

Easy instructions are given, and the installation is not difficult at all. It saves energy and is energy durable.

This article is written to guide you through Havells Geyser Review. Havells gives you an efficient storage water heater, and all Havells products are made with special care.

All the necessary features such as feroglass technology, Incoloy, color-changing display, overheat protection, and so on are available in their water heaters.

You can look at the various features and then make the best decision. Havells also offer you a good warranty, so by chance, if there is anything wrong with the product, you can always exchange it.

Warranty tells you so much about a product and how long it will last.

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