LG Dishwasher Review: Top-Rated Appliance for Your Kitchen

LG Dishwasher Review
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LG is a well-known company that has been in the business since the very beginning, and It has a famous name that is quite developed and customer satisfaction along the way.

LG Electronics is a South Korean brand that has made its name in the market with its exceptionally equipped products.

Dishwashers were not popular in Indian households back in the days, but now it’s an essential demand.

There are certain days when you see dirty dishes and overwhelm yourself with the anxiety of cleaning dishes, but now things are more manageable with a dishwasher.

We Provide an outlook on LG dishwasher review, LG introduces their quality with a qualified extension, and LG dishwasher will ease your life.

It will improvise your kitchen with the most decent and liable design and it will make your kitchen look livelier.

This dishwasher has a premium panel with a decent finish and silver is one of the most preferred colors.

It contains two foldable racks that allow you to use it as you desire, and it’s a 14-place dishwasher. This dishwasher is handy for any utensil, even the large and small ones.

The touch panel is efficiently equipped with many specifications to use.

14-place settings allow it to deal with different types of utensils with a smooth, clean wash and it saves water and time altogether.

LG products are always proven efficient in quality and noise control. Direct drive motors ensure performance without noise due to the fewer moving parts.

This article will give you an overall LG dishwasher review as it’s known to be one of the most used brands when customer satisfaction is involved.

This article will guide you towards the LG Dishwasher Review and you will know all the pros and cons of this product.

LG Dishwasher Review & Features

14-Place Settings

LG dishwashers consist of a 14-place settings feature that will clean your dishes with a smooth touch and you would not see any scratch on your dishes.

If you have sensitive glassware or expensive utensils that need a smooth clean, all your problems are sorted with 24-place settings that provide a soft clean to any utensils.

This feature will clean your dishes and save water and your time.

Premium Panel

It has a premium touch panel that indicates many exceptional options to wash your crockery, like a high-temperature wash, giving your dirty dishes an intense clean.

The Dual-zone option is for different dishes, an energy saver that takes care of the power consumption, stream and many more with just a single touch.

You have access to many options that ensure deep cleaning. Now you can do your chores more efficiently with a smart touch.

9-Wash Program

With the fantastic 9-wash program, you have overall access to True stream mode that will save your water consumption and allow you to have sparkling dishes.

The quad wash program will clean every angle without leaving a spot, and it also has features like a dual wash, quiet, turbo, auto, eco, gentle, quick.

The sequence of the wash program is persistent and it allows you to have a good outlook on how your dishes will go through a cleaner wash.

Noise Control

LG has always been efficient when it comes to noise control and LG dishwashers will clean your dishes while everything remains quiet.

It has a low noise level of 44db, ensuring your environment is not disturbed and everything will get done in a calm space.

The In-built inverter direct drive will ensure no noise but a quiet wash. The in-built inverter direct drive will ensure no noise but a quiet wash.

Foldable & Flexible Racks

Racks are easily foldable to support different types of crockery and it gives you easy loading plus flexibility.

These racks are specially designed for small or large crockery, like pans and teaspoons, and the racks are feasible for all sorts of Indian crockery.

Now, This feature you should consider while having a look on LG Dishwasher review.

Decent Display

LG always makes products that will match your environment, LG dishwashers come in decent displays and color variations are also available.

A dishwasher will cover some space in your home, so you want that space to look satisfactory.

Top Pick
LG 14 Place Settings Wi - Fi Dishwasher

LG 14 Place Settings Wi-Fi Dishwasher (DFB424FP)

The LG 14-setting dishwasher is an outstanding product, that works well to reduce dish cleaning efforts in your kitchen.
The features this product withholds are exceptional with the touch panel modifications,
That indicate options to choose a decent design that will make your surroundings even more attractive with the elegant color schemes.
All LG products have excellent noise control and smooth working.
This product comes with the technical input to give you Wi-Fi and wash your dishes with a 9-wash program and 14-place setting.
LG-14 place setting dishwasher will provide you with a smooth wash without scratching your dishes and,
this product will perfectly fit for different kinds of dishes.

LG-14 place dishwasher is perfect for Indian utensils because it supports all sorts of metal, glass, chinaware and depending on several sizes.


Manufacturer: LG Electronics 
Product dimension:
70.3 x 58.5 x 147.5 Centimeters
50 kg
14-Place setting 
Noise level:
Special feature:
Steam wash
Stainless Steel 
230 Volts
Net quantity:
1 Unit 
Control console:
Fully integrated 
Dishwasher and manual 


  • LG dishwashers are known to be solid in material that ensures good durability
  • It has a touch panel with advanced features
  • LG dishwashers will save your water while consuming eligible energy
  • There is a unique steam wash that ensures smooth, clean dishes
  • This product works well with Indian utensils. 
  • This product has easy foldable racks
  • LG has a very elegant design that will suit your surroundings. 
  • This product has positive customer reviews.


  • This product might be a bit hard on the pocket due to the advanced features. 
  • It starts its cycle from beginning if there is power fluctuation in your home.

Who should consider LG 14 Place Settings Wi-Fi Dishwasher-

A large family of 4-6 members will be very comfortable holding an LG dishwasher for their use.

LG dishwasher is an eligible dishwasher for those who don’t mind spending on something that goes for the long run. This is all about Lg dishwasher DFB424FP review.


 LG has delivered many electrical products along the way and its domestic use products have always received satisfactory responses due to the attention and quality-based technology.

LG dishwashers have been quite popular in India, and the review on LG dishwashers is also accommodated, so you would get a better idea if this product is worthy.

LG dishwasher cycles are timely operated and they are known to be among the quietest dishwashers and come in the category of modern appliances while giving an excellent cleaning performance.

LG dishwashers will leave no spots on dishes and you would not find any food spots due to the smooth wash.

You do not have to worry about loads of dishes because LG will save your time and water with just one wash cycle.

You can purchase LG dishwashers for long-term investment and if you are a family of 4-6 members, this is a perfect product for your home.

You need not worry about doing the chores because the LG dishwasher will handle everything.

This article guides you and gives you a proper LG dishwasher review. Now choose the best one for your home and make things easy in your life.

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