Common Misconceptions about Dishwasher in Indian Household

Misconceptions about Dishwasher
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There is a whole range of myths and questions surrounding dishwashers especially when it comes to stains that come from Indian way of cooking masalas and oils and whether they really clean the dishes are they any better than manual hand wash and so on Indian kitchens have different needs and today I will talk about a few Misconceptions about Dishwasher that surround our dishwasher so let’s get started.

Myth 1- Dishwashers are expensive

Yes there is an upfront cost to buy a dishwasher and depending on brand features and size it may cost you anywhere between 30,000 and 60,000 there is also some cost to run in terms of electricity and cleaning agents which are slightly premium than the regular cleaning agents.

Let’s say if one pays 1000 for manual dish cleaning you can recover the machine cost in about 5 to 7 years of time for the higher end machine and the machine will usually last at least the same length of time or even more

but the advantage one gets in terms of cleaning the dishes multiple times and time of your choice will easily outweigh the cost comparison even to the initial investment you have this thing just the last thing that you want to worry about is tackling a mountain of dishes.

Myth-2 – Dishwashers are time consuming

In a normal household of four to six people soil utensils from daily usage take a minimum of 30 minutes of hand wash and at least 15 minutes for wiping them to dry on the other hand it takes about 10 minutes to load and unload the dishwasher

plus anywhere between 30 minutes to three hours depending upon wash cycle yes a dishwasher may take more time in its own cleaning process depending on the wash cycle but practically it consumes just 10 minutes of yours rest of the time gets added to your day,

especially if you are like me who does all the chores by myself without any outside help, this extra 30 minutes every day is such an advantage it is a delight to see your sanitized dry and sparkling clean dishes in the morning when you set them to clean at night before going to bed.

Myth- 3 – Not suitable for Indian cooking

Indian cooking is generous with spices cleaning the tough stains manually does need certain mental preparation one of the biggest questions surrounding dishwasher is, can a dishwasher handle the dishes with Indian cooking answer is yes dishwasher can handle stubborn stains with ease in fact I was myself surprised to see the result of this strainer and other utensils which I could never clean manually do you want a certain point hot water and steam cleaning function in most dishwashers actually clean and sanitize the dishes at the level which is difficult to reach with manual hand wash.

Myth- 4 – Pre-rinsing is required for Dishwashers

Yes you really don’t need to pre rinse before loading yes like for manual hand wash we do remove the leftover food from the dishes that can result in clogged sinks it is a good practice to scrape off all the leftover food before settling them into the dishwasher and that’s it you don’t need to do anything more than that all you can expect is spotless cleaning.

Myth 5 – Excessive water and electricity consumption

A full load of dishwasher depending on the model and cycle will consume anywhere between 10 to 15 litres of water this is far less than the manual handwash even the most frugal hand wash for the same quantity of dishes will consume double or triple quantity of water,

this is a great saving for precious natural resource as far as electricity consumption is concerned there are no heavy duty motors usually there is a light motor and pump from for sprinkler and water heating filament exact consumption rate of electricity will depend upon the model cycle duration and local electricity cost for me,

I have observed extra electricity cost about rupees 250 to 350 for two loads per day though not a precise number but observation shows me that my machine is consuming about one kWh per cycle and with two cycles the date is about 60 units in a month and at ₹5.50 paisa per unit it is roughly about rupees 330 per month but like I said earlier it’s convenience of 24 by 7 availability overshadows the electricity.

Myth- 6 – Glassware and crockery are prone to damage

Modern dishwashers have various programs to take care of glassware there are short cycles which are apt for delicate and less soil utensils they come out sanitized to dry and sparkling much better than hand washing and drying with a cloth.

Myth-7 – Dishwasher can’t handle big vessels and cookware

Dishwashers can reasonably handle most of the vessels used in the family it can easily accommodate all sizes of cookware and utensils and still have space for plates spoon and glassware I wash almost all my utensils including baffle filters of my chimney cook top or pot holders oil containers.

Myth-8 – Dishwasher can wash all type of utensils

Dishwashers are not friendly with aluminium, wood, low grade plastic. Though this is not a myth new users are skeptical about the type of dishes that can be washed but for the sake of clarity I wanted to cover that that that dishwasher is not meant for aluminium, wood or poor grade plastic.

My personal experience with dishwasher has been good it helps me everyday to accomplish something which I don’t like to do personally that is washing dishes and then adds more free time to my routine I would like to admit I myself had these misconception or myths about dishwasher earlier unlike the machine we did not foresee its requirement did not even make a place for it in the utility area but now it is a part of my home and,

I like it if any of the above myths are stopping you to get your machine hope they stand busted now. these days yes there are plenty now who make dishwashers but please do your due diligence to find out the right machine for your needs and budget dishwasher is a good appliance and worth investing really helpful for people who are living in remote areas where you can’t find domestic help working people and especially for the senior citizens that’s all for today Check the review of our LG dishwasher then you can check out the link in the description box.

Thank you so much.

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